How Baby Happiness got started...


Liza, the owner of Baby Happiness has always been very creative and extremely good at needlework and creating things.

Business really took off after the birth of her grandson, Luhann, in October 2016. She made her first baby nest as a gift to him but as soon as his mommy's friends saw it the orders started streaming in. Everybody wanted one for their own baby or as gifts for expectant friends.

Slowly the news started spreading and people started talking about the baby nests on Facebook so Liza decided to open her own Baby Happiness Page.

From there on the demand only grew and she branched out to include baby linen and bedding as well as decor for the nursery. 

And so we got to the point where she decided to open her own website and online store to keep up with the growing demand and to give everyone in South Africa access to her products.

Baby Luhann in his baby nest.